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Devils Reach 12OZ

Cape May Brewing’s big Belgian strong ale leads the brewery’s venture into 12-ounce bottles.

Folks at the brewery did a 90-case run of Devil’s Reach to get their feet wet with the Meheen bottler the brewery picked up last summer on the used equipment market. The 8.4% ABV brew, named for a narrow strait in Cape May Harbor, for now is limited to takeout sales of six-packs at the brewery.

There’s some technical stuff, i.e. check dissolved oxygen levels in the bottled beer, before it’s full speed ahead with the Meheen. (Oxygen, as we know, will turn beer stale and, thus, is a concern when bottling and canning.)

Cape May IPA CMB2Devil’s Reach was bottled early this month, and the brewery’s game plan is to bottle Cape May IPA and Sawyer’s Swap Barleywine later this winter.

The strong ale and barleywine previously have been available in bomber bottles. Cape May IPA, the flagship beer Cape May Brewing launched with during the summer of 2011, previously has been available draft only.  


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Sunday, 08 September 2013 15:24

Tuckahoe bottler at a glance

Tuckahoe Cases

One more out of Tuckahoe Brewing …

The folks at the northern Cape May County brewery have been putting their new six-head filler to work turning out cases of 12-ounce bottles. Last week, they put up 22 cases of Holly Beach Pumpkin ale with the Meheen filler.

The plan is to bottle all of the flagship beers, such as Dennis Creek Pale Ale, to help manage fermenter capacity and widen the brewery's reach some without undercutting supply to core accounts.

About the filler
Tuckahoe's filler (check the photo gallery at left) is a popular machine among craft brewers of varying sizes, including a 15,000-barrel craft brewery. Company owner Dave Meheen says Anheuser-Busch even uses the fillers when it's bottling for test markets or bottling samples for lab testing.

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Thursday, 15 August 2013 21:12

Pumpkin ale, new bottler at Tuckahoe

Tuckahoe Pumpkin Ale
uncrated bottler sits beside some fermenters at Tuckahoe Brewing; the bottler figures into a reworked approach to managing demand for Tuckahoe beers and better serving the northern Cape May County brewery's markets, which now include the west side of South Jersey.

Amanda Cardinali-2Earlier this year, Tuckahoe had planned to step up to a 15-barrel brewhouse, and the owners of the 20-month-old ale-maker explored taking on investors and examined some bank financing. But they never found terms via either route that were a suitable fit.

Thus a revised plan for the need-to-grow Tuckahoe: a mix of bank loan and self-financing that has meant the addition of the two new 3.5-barrel fermenters, a new grain mill to replace a troublesome one, plus the six-head 12-ounce bottle filler bought from Meheen Manufacturing in Pasco, Washington (about four hours southeast of Seattle). Co-owners Chris Konicki and Matt McDevitt will fly to Washington State next week for a crash course on how to operate the new bottler.

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