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Oast House Hop Farm has its biggest harvest yet of the Columbus, Chinook, Cascade and Nugget cones.

Beau Byrtus, one of Oast House’s founders, gives a rundown in the video.

What you should take away from Oast House is not so much that it’s a working hop farm.

No, there’s a bigger take away: Oast House, with its annual harvest gathering of friends, is building on New Jersey’s craft beer culture.

You can easily imagine the harvests becoming, over time, like a small fair, with homebrewing demonstrations, a beer tent, and vendors selling Jersey fall produce and pies.

Or at least that’s the potential. Town hall and the state may think otherwise (this is where you should start looking at Oast House as a working farm, given some of the privileges the state allows for farms).

Two breweries are using Oast’s Jersey hops this year, and it’s a safe bet there will be loads of beer drinkers looking to see what Kane and Triumph Brewing did with fresh-from-the-farm cones.

It’s not just hops that Oast House is growing; it’s the Garden State’s craft beer culture, too.



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Saturday, 20 July 2013 05:31

Carton Brewing: And so it Gose

Carton BarrelsWith American brewers and craft beer, anything goes.

At Carton Brewing on Sunday (July 21), it's gose (pronounced GOH-suh) ...

And clams. 

The Atlantic Highlands brewery, soon to notch a second anniversary as a member of the Garden State's craft brewing industry, will release its take on the tart, mildly salty German wheat beer, probably best known from the Gasthaus & Gosebrauerei Bayerischer Bahnhof brand in the tall flask-like bottles found on the shelves of liquor stores with ambitious import sections.

Digger – the name of Carton's 4% ABV rendition – is a mid-summer, über small-batch brew, perfect for long hot days and sultry late-July evenings.

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