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Monday, 30 September 2013 05:24

Bolero Snort's next brew: Gingerbull Cookie

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Bolero Snort Gingerbull Cookie
A seasonal beer coming from Bolero Snort Brewery.

Fresh on the hooves (OK, bad pun) of the late-summer release of a 4.2% ABV rye beer, the Bergen County beer company is tapping one of its award-winning homebrew recipes to give Bolero Snort a fall seasonal market presence. Gingerbull Cookie, a 5.5% ABV spiced brown, is due out when the weather gets cooler and the air turns crisp.

Bolero Snort, based in Ridgefield Park, did a 15-barrel batch of the beer with its contract brewer, High Point Brewing in Butler, squeezing the beer in the margins of producing Ragin' Bull (5.0% ANV, amber lager) and Blackhorn (6.5% ABV, American black lager).

Business partners Bob Olson and Andrew Maiorana launched Bolero Snort back in the spring with Blackhorn and Ragin' Bull lagers in draft, then 12-ounce bottles. They released the rye beer, There's No Ryeing In Basebull, in draft and bottles in August, after a second 30-barrel fermenter was installed by Bolero Snort at High Point to give the company the flexibility to bring a third beer to market.

"We had just enough of a gap in production of our three flagship beers, so we said let's do something fun for the holidays," Bob says.

Gingerbull Cookie is tricked out with ginger, clove and cinnamon; some vanilla may get added to balance the other spices. The beer's history is as a homebrew, a first-place winner in the 2011 Knights of Bruklyn homebrew competition.

Speaking of No Ryeing In Basebull, Bob says a second batch of the beer was brewed for release in early October. The recipe was tweaked to bump up the rye in the grain bill, from 15% to 20%.

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