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BSL-ACFEST-InfographicHere’s a number to know: 7 million.

As in 7 million bucks. That’s what pours into Atlantic City over a single weekend thanks to the annual Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival.

The 9-year-old craft beer event, set for April 4-5 at the Atlantic City Convention Center, has grown into the casino resort’s largest consumer event, bigger than its annual boat or car shows.

Celebration of the Suds, as it’s also called, is easily New Jersey’s largest craft beer festival and a player on the national festival circuit. So, it’s economic clout is worth mentioning, especially when you consider the Brewers Association, the Denver-based trade group for the craft brewing industry, goes to considerable lengths to highlight the economic impact craft beer and brewing make.

Jon Henderson, whose Good Time Tricycle production company stages the Atlantic City Beer and Music festival, had far more modest expectations for that first show in 2006.

“We thought we would do a nice beer festival, see 3,000 or 4,000 people and really discover beer, help the whole craft beer movement, meet some people and have fun,” Jon tells Beer-Stained Letter. “Fast-forward nine years later, we’re a 24,000-person festival, one of the biggest in the country.

“The Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival is actually responsible for $7 million in economic (activity) in the city. That festival, for one weekend, brings Atlantic City an estimated $7 million in non-gaming revenue.”

Such as more than 1,000 room nights at area hotels, plus business at restaurants, bars and entertainment venues.

“People are staying; they’re going to grab dinner, then they’re going to go do a show,” Jon says. “They only spent four hours at the Convention Center at the beer festival.”

You can download a copy of the infographic at our Facebook page. See the festival's entire brewery lineup here.  

Here’s a fast rundown of Jersey brews* on the bill: 

Beach Haus
Boaks Beer
Bolero Snort
Cape May Brewing
Cricket Hill
Flying Fish
Harvest Moon
New Jersey Beer Co.
Pinelands Brewing
Rinn Duin
River Horse Brewing
Tuckahoe Brewing

*Some breweries may have opted out but are still on the official lineup. 



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