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A sort of postcard-like look for the entrance to High Point Brewing.  

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014 17:34

Ramstein's summer bock returns for 2014

High Point Brewing is bringing its Ramstein summer bock back around for a fourth year.

The 7% ABV, draft-only beer goes on tap at the Butler brewery’s tasting room on Saturday.

It’s a limited-run beer; only a single 30-barrel tank was brewed of what High Point owner Greg Zaccardi describes as “a juicy, supercharged blonde bock.”

The beer has its roots in Ramstein Double Platinum Blonde, High Point’s ramped-up 7% hefeweizen. Some production constraints forced some brew-day changes, and the summer bock was born. It’s now brewed from an almost entirely pilsner and vienna malt bill, with a dash of wheat.

The beer quickly found favor among the brewery’s followers.

“I think it’s a delicious representation of the style, with our own little spin on it,” Greg tells Beer-Stained Letter. “When we did it the first time, we didn’t know what to expect … The great advantage of having a (tasting room) bar is people come in and tell you right away. They may flatter you with words, but he truth is really shown in their purchase habits.”

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If you couldn’t get your head around this week’s annoying early spring snowfall, then maybe this will help you find some purpose to a grueling winter that is hopefully now over.

High Point Brewing industriously took advantage of this year’s polar onslaught with a spree of ice beers, four times as many as the Butler (Morris County) brewery normally does over a typical winter. Two of the brews are gone, alas, but two more are waiting in the wings for brewery releases in April and May.

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Monday, 30 September 2013 18:43

Morristown beer fest, a pictoral

Big Brew 1

 A smoother trip this time for the folks who put on this year's beer festivals at the armory in Morristown. Their fest early in the year was troubled by long lines to get into the venue and for the restrooms. It made for some unhappy people, and it didn't reflect well on the promoters. However, the return engagement, The Big Brew Beer Festival, staged this past Saturday (Sept. 28) ran smoothly. If you saw some long lines, it was probably for food, and those lines moved rather fast. New Jersey breweries there included Beach Haus, Bolero Snort, Cricket Hill, Flying Fish, High Point, River Horse and Tuckahoe. These images (taken by Beer-Stained Letter) are from the events early session. Click above to launch the gallery.    

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Monday, 16 September 2013 05:44

Images from Ramstein Oktoberfest

Ramstein Marzen

Some sights from High Point Brewing's annual Ramstein Oktoberfest release. Folks at the 17-year-old brewery say the turnout Saturday (Sept 14) was probably the largest in the many years that High Point has been showcasing its fall märzen with a brewery-tour event. High Point has been brewing the fest beer (it's still made via a decoction mash) for 14 years, building a substantial following for the beer in that time. High Point's märzen is the beer that nudged the brewery to add lagers to its founding lineup of wheat beers. Traditional German brews still form the foundation of High Point's beers. But next to the hefeweizen, dunkelweizen, wheat doppelbock, these days you'll find some brews that play to hop-heads' palates and Belgian beer enthusiasts showing up in the lineup from time to time.

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Monday, 15 July 2013 11:41

A Ramstein one-off, plus Oktoberfest

High Point BarrelAnother foray into one-off beers by weizen beer specialist High Point Brewing, which also for the first time bottled a non-wheat beer under its Ramstein brand.

Additionally of note for High Point: The brewery has gotten the earliest jump ever on producing its signature Oktoberfest seasonal.

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